After a year and a half with the DGA1 (serial #: 001!), I love it even more than when I first received it.  I don’t know if there is any truth to audiophile electronics needing “burn in” time, and frankly, thought it was hogwash, but the amp is really warm, rich and powerful, even better now after a year and a half.

Paired with the efficient Klipsch La Scalas, it is not surprising the mids and highs are really strong (both strengths of good SET amps and the Klipsch La Scalas), but what is surprising is the full bodied, punchy, and rich bass.  Is it possible your amp is getting better and better over time? Can I really trust my own ears?  I say an emphatic “Yes!”

I have a quality vintage velodyne sub as well on the system, and while it’s a great addition, it’s not necessary for rich, full bass, which is a total shocker.

Thanks for the great work, I’m proud to be proud customer 001!

Bernard G, Portland, Oregon