//Damn Great (user) Feedback

Damn Great (user) Feedback

Some nice words from a recent customer, The amplifier is our model DGA2, (Damn Great Amplifier) this is the two chassis version with the power base that “docks” to the Amplifier module. Thank you Alvaro for you kind words.

“Hello Patrick,

I am sending you this message to let you know how happy I am with the DGA-2   amp that

You built for me.

The loudspeaker used  is my own version of   an open baffle 4 x 15 inch woofers per side  and a wood horn  with a latest design moded motor 110 db/mt sensitivity

2 way crossed at 600hz up 12 db per octave L.R.

This amp handles the loudspeakers  with no effort at all…..at very realistic levels.

The soundstage  very realistic  offering   wide and depth, height  with the harmonics rendering to die for.

The bass is tight and extended…very easy for the DGA-2 amp…..the midrange sweet and detailed  very  spooky and transparent

The highs are very transparent … fast and extended…

The amp stays cool and  stable….bias…adjustment  is a very easy process.

Low level detail…and information that I never heard before.

I couldn’t be happier…. as It is replacing a moded class D Hypex Ncore amp……”

Thanks .

Best Regards,


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