“Show, Tell, Hear”  Head Whammer and roadie crew are packing to attend the CAS California Audio Show. July 27th -29th. We are busy at the lab preparing for the debut of a new addition to the Whammer Family. Our show introduction will include the new Whammerdyne DAA3+ with the first ever! in mankind showing of a remote mounted single ended 2A3 amplifier output transformer configuration. A show stopper for sure. If you are yearning to hear what a 2A3 SE amplifier can do this is the event. Its the “Whammer Way” details post soon as to specifications.

We will be showing with our good friends of Pure Audio Project (Open Baffle Speakers) two rooms this year!.. (I’m biased here as I own two pairs of these great speaks), The Quintet 15’s with the horn 1 and the Trio 15’s with the Voxativ.  Links here to both websites:   https://caaudioshow.com/             http://www.pureaudioproject.com/

It’s going to be a “Really big show” … Whamm World