And so it progresses, Working with a brilliant speaker full range driver developer. We endeavor to break the mold when it comes to full range driver development. This is a prototype 10 inch full range field coil driver installed in my Pure Audio Project Quintet 15’s. We are just using the 10 inch driver for evaluation and the frames for mounting it in this is the best position for listening and of course measuring performance. Stay tuned folks as this is a real breakthrough in high efficiency full range driver technology. It will at some point be used in a full new design of open baffle speaker offered by the driver designers company. (It will be amazing from a design and implementation standpoint. many first’s in the industry)

Why? you might ask are we doing this with the speaker developer well its a perfect match to our 2A3 single ended Triode amplifiers ..
or any lower power tube amplifier(s)

Dr. Speak Easy…AKA: Head Whammer