DLM4+RAM | Damn Little Monster + Remote Advanced Magnetics (will become legacy product June 2022) Why we discontinued

An illuminated cloud bank still obscures the absolute Truth. But even the audiophile driven to perfection must stop and rest on this relentless quest. But the mind clothed with the gossamer wings of desire will only let down a little. Resting he becomes aware of two objects, like sentinels, pointing the route to the Ultimate Truth. Here in the realm of the mountain goat is revealed the RAM. Onto them the sun shines through with purity. This is sonic daybreak, showing the Truth of the landscape and the two remote transformers. These outboard transformers expand the sweeping horizons of sonic purity expressed by the DLM4+RAM for all who would approach. These heralds of a new golden age are steadfast sentinels on our way to the realm of the Olympus of Truth.  Sonic purity awaits one in hearing the call of the best 2A3 amplifiers on planet earth.

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A note from HW (Head Whammer)

The reason we have discontinued the DAA3, DAA3 +RAM and DLM-4 models was do to several factors. Specialty connectors and other internal parts as well meters have become extinct. It has become nearly impossible to source these quality parts and options of any quality do not exist. Rest assured however we have applied the technology in these models to our two most popular models now. The DGA-1 Ultra and the DAM-2 Mono-blocks. Both models will have optional remote RAM output transformer options. Just that they will not have the dual stacked chassis and front panel meters as well the stepped auto-former volume controls we will be offering an outboard accessory chassis option if a person wishes the best in volume controls. Performance wise these two models now offered meet and exceed the performance of the DAA3 and DAA3 + RAM as well the DLM-4 models. The highly acclaimed “original TRUTH” amplifier is performance wise the same as the DLM-2 mono-blocks with the RAM 1 option. This in the long run does several things for us. We can purchase larger quantities of materials and parts as these builds share many of the parts in common, saving us time in manufacturing and you the end user money and never compromise the famous Whamm sound !

Sincerely, Head Whammer

Whammerdyne “Damn Little Monster Amplifier” (DLM4+RAM) new for 2019

The new DLM4+ RAM (Damn Little Monster Amplifier + Remote Advanced Magnetics). The world’s first remote transformer high power parallel (Non push-pull) 2A3 tube amplifier on the planet.  Sporting matched parallel 2A3 output tubes per channel and a huge upgraded power supply with high current low noise regulated filaments along with 7 other high voltage regulated ultra low noise supplies with a huge current delivery capacity. Never a time that the power supply will sag or even crack a sweat under any load conditions and they are hyper fast recovery, no slewing the impulse response.. we also have 2 options in output transformers available. We take another big leap with remote placement of the output transformers this allows for many advantages. First the wonderful technology of our Truth model carries through (please see the Truth page) now we add the option of the larger highest quality output transformers used in our flagship “Truth” model. (2 transformer options available) This unique approach has numerous advantages.

Moving the transformers away from the main amplifier chassis has many technical benefits. One of many eliminating magnetic coupling interactions with power supply transformers and other sources of magnetic fields and noise internal to chassis. Even in the best of conditions with careful spacing and orientation the output transformers are part of the amplifiers chassis and assembly this presents many unfavorable conditions, resulting in induced magnetic coupling and the increased levels of measured hum, noise and cross talk all contributing to a higher noise floor and higher distortion. Let’s take our “Truth” model and flagship of the Whammerdyne offerings that has a world-renowned low hum and noise level at under 70 micro volts (wide band) that’s millionth of a volt!) The reason we achieved this low level with the Truth comes in part from a very unique chassis design and the physical way we mount the power transformer and “Null” its interactions with the output transformers but there is a limit and that’s physical spacing the more space the bigger the chassis. While our remote chassis DLM4+ RAM and it’s remote transformers comes in at an astounding 30-50 micro-volts** wide band, that is over 130 dB down! (we actually have made some tests at zero!) the limit of our 6.5 digit lab reference test equipment.

What is achieved by this even lower wide band hum and noise? The lowest levels of the delicate music signal are revealed and reproduced without loss (Not masked or buried in the noise floor). In many cases (well most all) tube audio designs by other manufacturers having substantially higher noise floors (and they do!, that’s why they do not publish them) fine details, harmonics, spatial information, and phase information is buried and masked/lost in the higher noise floor. In addition, the power wasting (DCR resistance and inductance/reactance) and all the issues with speaker cables becomes a non-issue.(this actually improves the dampening factor with our remote transformers) That’s a huge bonus! Most manufacturers of amplifiers will not give you a noise floor or hum and noise measurement. Even if they do, it’s usually a weighted or narrow band of measurement that hides the fact that their designs lose low level information or alter/distort it with the interactions of the noise floor and the signal. In summation what we have achieved is the best of all worlds as our amplifier circuit technology designs, already the world’s finest DC capacitor-less , zero feedback and zero phase shift SE (Single Ended) amplifiers we just raised the bar with the lowest noise floor amplifier on the planet. “Once your hear it, you can’t unhear it”

“The Finest 2A3 amplifiers on Planet Earth”


Amplifier Module DLM4+ RAM

  • (Dual) auto-former (Left & Right channels) Front panel input volume controls. These are custom wound tapped transformers of ultra-wide bandwidth with 23 precision attenuation steps.
  • Dual RCA source inputs, selectable (Input 1 and Input 2)
  • Large 3.5-inch front panel relative power meter as used on our truth flagship. Auto ranging for easy viewing at a distance. Lighted (red upon power up 4 minutes times out, white soft lighting at operate) Timer circuit goes “dark” after turn on so no clock oscillator noise is present
  • 4 and 8 ohm 5 way speaker binding posts (optional “Speak-On push/lock with 2 foot cables and banana ends) inquire for price
  • 6DJ8/6922 input gain/drive tube DC coupled by our unique” Z-Direct” coupling circuit to the output stage, Ultra-fast recovery. (TRUE DC stage coupled, no capacitors in the signal path) No DC blocking or capacitor artifacts, phase shift is a thing of the past. We use a hand computer graded and matched tubes** sections NOS (New Old Stock) of the highest quality
  • (4) 2A3 output tubes (upgraded to “Ultra Test Select” matched pairs USA made. Tubes are managed in a perfect operating environment by a true negative grid bias and run on regulated DC supplies and DC filaments
  • EZ bias system utilizing analog panel meter with indicated “set” point bias takes only a few minutes and only needs adjustment as tubes age. Built in tube condition tester.
  • Ultra-custom matched external output transformers mounted on CNC machined heavy aluminum chassis “Mirror Imaged” Chassis can be placed right next to your speakers so speaker cables can be kept very short. The output transformers are of special core material and high bandwidth, extremely low insertion loss, low distortion and low DCR design (Two options available)**
  • Amplifier to remote output transformer umbilical’s (8) feet in length each allow for easy placement of transformers behind or next to your speakers. Special construction cables, designed by us, built by us (Teflon) dielectric of very low capacitance, ultra low series resistance (copper/silver) and extremely low inductance. Terminated with a twist locking connector(s) at the amplifier chassis. Called our “E-Z” mate system


Measured specifications:

  • 8.4 watts per channel, peak power 12 watts per channel (max impulse power exceeds 17 watts per channel)
  • Wide-band hum and noise less than 50 micro-volts. (both channels**) Our lab reference “Bogie” set of tubes is utilized in testing to meet this published specification. Generally, we match pairs of output tubes that meet a range of 20 micro volts to 65 micro volts, all tubes vary to some degree, you can be assured in this model we will use the tubes that get us as close as we can to the lowest noise figures. Your included test performance certificate will have this test result noted
  • Bandwidth – 3 dB down 6 Hz and 80 KHz*. Bandwidth +/-  2nd harmonic – 50+ dB down at rated power*
  • Umbilical 8 foot cable length is measured at 23 picofarads of capacitance @1 Khz, .3145 Ohms DCR, 3.532 micro-henrys at 10 Khz, 43.48 picofarads @ 10Khz. DF factor .01599 @ 10 Khz
  • Signal to Noise better than 130 dB
  •  167 watts, line at 117 volts AC 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 14″ wide x 16″ tall x 14″ deep weight 55 Lbs. RAM remote transformer chassis 9″ wide x 9″ tall x 7.5″ deep 15.5 Lbs. each
  • Warranty 5 years amplifier and power base, remote transformers. 90 days tubes
  • Provided with New Stock issue (JJ 2A3-40) 2A3 tubes and 6DJ8/6922 (Matched pairs and matched section NOS) ** Optional Ultra Hand selected tubes are from our vast inventory of New Old stock tubes (NOS) and Old stock tubes. Precision matched and graded on an Amplitrex AT-1000 computer test unit (We provide printed test results and matching results with the amplifier)
  • * Bandwidth as published for level 1 output transformers, level 2 and 3 bandwidth is increased, internal distortion is decreased over level 1. Level 2 and 3 at additional cost**  2) Amorphous core 3) Nano X Crystalline Core (Level 2 Amorphous core add $ 900.00)  No longer available (Level 3 Nano X Crystalline core add $ 3700.00)**
  • Certificate of bench lab tests and certified performance certificate provided with unit (signed)
  • Handmade in Oregon, USA
  • International voltage option 230 VAC 50 Hz ($ 150.00)


Priced at $13,000.00 (Level 1 transformers)** plus shipping (please note I will be phasing this model out in 2022) 50% deposit. Shipping 60 days or less from deposit date

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Weight 30 lbs
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