Getting to the Truth was a long and complex path with many false turns, detours, and a step-by-step debunking of the conventional wisdom of the “high-end” business. Endless rainy nights in the Northwest winters, more than one local microbrew-consumed, crazy ideas tried, discarded, and tried again, and a spectrum of technologies from the Thirties right through the Millennium.

The design cycle was a little of this and a little of that: the best practices of the instrumentation world, headquartered in the Northwest. Seasoned with a musical intuition but measured with rigor, while removing the pointless cost-saving shortcuts that have accumulated in tube-amplifier design over the last seventy years. Identifying the sources of coloration, and removing them one by one.

The result was more than a prototype. It was a new kind of amplifier: The Truth 2A3 amplifier

What sets the Truth apart from than rest? For starters, the signal path is extremely direct, with only two amplifying elements per channel, direct coupled without any capacitors in the signal path “Thanks to our exclusive Z– Direct circuit” additionally the inputs and outputs are buffered by the highest quality transformers in the world.

The audio path is completely free of Class AB switching artifacts, Class D high-frequency noise of transitions between output pairs of devices. Many amplifiers have complex technical “workarounds” for these problems, but we found the best way is to avoid them completely, and use all-analog, all-triode, and all Class A circuits throughout the amplifier. The best way to avoid artifacts and coloration is not create them in the first place.

All the signal-amplifying devices, including the 2A3 direct-heated triodes, are precision regulated in voltage and current domains. In addition to isolating hum and noise from the audio circuit, this also assures stable operating points for all active components.

The easy-to-use bias setup system allows the owner to optimize any good-quality 6DJ8/6922 and 2A3, so you can enjoy full performance from every tube without guesswork.

As you might notice in the photo gallery, we do not rest, over the decade we have continued to push the envelope deriving several other models each with unique features. Some with different design goals. One more power with our new Mono Blocks and twin parallel 2A3 designs sporting over 9 watts per channel. Last but not least is a new release derived from requests by customers for a high-power Hybrid. This year we unveil the all new DC Coupled (no capacitors in the signal path) This unique design is a world’s first using a proprietary window comparator circuit to null DC offset at the speaker output terminals. This has not been accomplished by any other manufacturers. We pride our design team and the unique solutions developed here at Whamm World. Our company mantra “Always True to the Music”

Now passing our 10th year of building “The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers and Hybrids on Planet Earth”

After you’ve heard the rest, bring your music, relax, and enjoy the Truth!

An Early Prototype