Yup…I’m still here…changes in the wind

It has been a while since my last post. What's going here is a transition in progress. I'm working toward retirement and with that I have a new group learning all the process and procedures of running Whammerdyne. This couple is a wonderful fit to take the helm. I will be of course overseeing the [...]

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Been a spell

I have not posted for a while as we are re-configuring Whammerdyne, new updates soon as to website and offerings. We are alive and well and will have a big announcement soon Thanks for all the support and great reviews of our wonderful products Head Whammer

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Thank you

As we close out the year I personally thank all of you the supporters of Whammerdyne. The year now is as they say in the "rear view mirror" and in looking back we all have much to be thankful for. To all of you of the Whammedyne family I wish you a Merry Christmas and [...]

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Big announcement coming up in December

Yes, folks this will be  a big annoucment. In the mean time here are a few projects we are working on Offering up "commissioned" special builds of the incredible "Relentless" GM70 Triode SE amplifier mono-blocks 33 watts all class A , all regulated power supplies as well fully DC coupled no capacitors in the signal [...]

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Only ONE Left + some big news on a new offering

Our initial production run of (10) MKPH-60 Circuit Salad Hybrids is down to one left. Our dealer at Echo Audio in Portland, Oregon has the last one up for sale. We plan on not doing another run till late October 2024, so if you are in the market move fast _________________ BIG NEWS_____________________ We also [...]

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Last Call (Circuit Salad Hybrid)

The last two Circuit Salad (Hybrids) are now being offered at a one time discount. Why?, we are nearing the end of our year for production of any products do to parts availability and quality of parts available. Our next production run will not take place till 2024 late year. So if you would like [...]

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When they are gone they are gone!

Our Circuit Salad Hybrid is down to the last two units available. Next run will not be till mid next year at best. Parts quality and availability is really poor and some of the key parts due to shortages will not be available for another year. The big manufactures get first dibs on large purchase [...]

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“The Most Beautiful Sound at the show”

"This was my big surprise at the 2023 Pacific Audio Fest. I hadn’t heard of either brand, so I ducked into the room and was immediately confronted with one of those low-powered SET/high-efficiency speaker systems that I used to love so much just a few years ago. We’re talking 4.2wpc of 2A3 glory matched with [...]

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LAST ONE now for sale The TRUTH (SOLD)

We had our recent 10 year anniversary at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle Washington. I had been holding back selling the very last "Truth" amplifier (My personal unit) until we could show where we all started our roots. The show was a  wild success and many many attendees saw for the first time our [...]

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