Damn Awesome Amp DAA-3 (last call) discontinuing August 2022

You awake from your reverie to a clarion call. The audio pilgrims’ great journey must continue, taking you into even more rarified atmospheres where the muses sing and dance with delight.  Here are steep slopes only the technically prepared mountain goats dare to navigate. The unfortunate and unprepared may fall, but musical Truth comes into even clearer focus as one’s eyes look towards the summit.  This is place of hawks whose cry reverberates with such clarity and presence that you feel more alive. Your soul gets its high octane boost from the first child of Truth. Here the DAA-3 rules a kingdom beyond the grasp of mass production, beyond the limitations of being crippled by trying to make it fit into a price point. In this rarified realm there is only one way to go, up. Having travelled this far, with Olympus so near, give yourself the experience of the Ultimate Truth.

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Whammerdyne “Damn Awesome Amp” (DAA3) Now discontinued August 2022.  A few available only by special order

The reason we have discontinued this model and the DAA3 + RAM model was do to several factors. Specialty connectors and other internal parts as well meters have become extinct. It has become nearly impossible to source these quality parts and options of any quality do not exist. Rest assured however we have applied the technology in these models to our two most popular models now. The DGA-1 Ultra and the DAM-2 Mono-blocks. Both models will have optional remote RAM output transformer options. Just that they will not have the dual stacked chassis and front panel meters as well the stepped auto-former volume controls we will be offering an outboard accessory chassis option if a person wishes the best in volume controls. Performance wise these two models now offered meet and exceed the performance of the DAA3 and DAA3 + RAM as well the DLM-4 models. The highly acclaimed “original TRUTH amplifier is performance wise the same as the DLM-2 mono-blocks with the RAM 1 option. This also in the long run does several things for us. We can purchase larger quantities of materials and parts as these builds all many of the parts in common, saving us time in manufacturing and you the end user money and never compromise the famous Whamm sound !

Sincerely, Head Whammer


The top DAA3 model. Now the DNA from our flagship “Truth” amplifier is close to a clone. We offer an enhanced two-chassis configuration. The power supply base unit is “docked” with the amplifier module. The base power supply features are impressive, 7 extremely low noise regulated DC supplies now feed every circuit independently. These supplies all support an impressive headroom so limiting of current is a non issue. Four additional DC regulated power supplies are housed in the amplifier section along with added proprietary circuits for an environment that is near perfect, the audio signal passes as if it’s a straight wire with gain. (phase shift is ultra low, impulse speed is ultra fast)  Pure Class A operation with Zero Feed Back. Total electrical noise is 100% isolated from the upper amplifier. Special Thermal consideration in design now controls temperature stability for the sensitive DC current regulators. Magnetic nulling is achieved with the two-chassis concept so induced noise into output transformers is minimized to extremely low levels. Hum and noise is extremely low 100 or less millionths of a volt (100 micro volts). We install two precision 24 step “Goldpoint”volume controls (Optional 23 Step “Autoformer” tapped transformer controls*), our famous “Relative Power” meter is added (when you are listening you will see power delivered to your speakers in real time). The output transformers are now upgraded to a special core type and special winding topology that shares similar performance to our flagship “Truth” model. Is it all worth it? One word YES! This model will bring you to tears as it presents an unbelievable listening experience, music comes alive with an uncanny transparency, open air sound-stage. Bass is tight, forceful, articulate, like no other SE on the market PERIOD “except ours” It’s as if the musicians and performance are right in the room with you. Stunning “Feel the music”

The best 2A3 amplifiers on the market

What a customer says about his Whammer:

“I am sending you this message to let you know how happy I am with the DAA3 amp that You built for me. The loudspeaker used is my own version of   an open baffle 4 x 15-inch woofers per side and a wood horn with a latest design modded motor 110 db/mt sensitivity 2 way crossed at 600 Hz up 12 db per octave L.R. This amp handles the loudspeakers with no effort at all…..at very realistic levels. The sound-stage very realistic offering wide and depth, height with the harmonics rendering to die for. The bass is tight and extended…very easy for the DGA-2 amp…..the mid-range sweet and detailed  very  spooky and transparent. The highs are very transparent … fast and extended…The amp stays cool and stable….bias…adjustment  is a very easy process. Low level detail…and information that I never heard before.” Alvaro


Amplifier module (DAA3)

  • (Dual) Precision mono “Goldpoint” 24 step attenuators utilized for Left & Right volume. Optional* Auto-former (Left & Right channels) Front panel input volume controls. These are custom wound tapped transformers of ultra-wide bandwidth with 23 precision attenuation steps.
  • Dual RCA source inputs, selectable (Input 1 and Input 2)
  • Large 3.5-inch front panel relative power meter as used on our truth flagship. Auto ranging for easy viewing at a distance. Lighted (red upon power up 4 minutes times out, white soft lighting at operate)
  • 4 and 8 ohm 5 way speaker binding posts
  • 6DJ8/6922 input gain/drive tube DC coupled by our unique” Z-Direct” coupling circuit to the output stage, Ultra-fast recovery. (TRUE DC stage coupled, no capacitors in the signal path) No DC blocking or capacitor artifacts, phase shift is a thing of the past. We use a hand computer graded and matched tubes** section NOS (New Old Stock) of the highest quality
  • Ultra-custom made matched output transformers special core material and high bandwidth, extremely low insertion loss, low distortion and low DCR design. -1 dB down 15 Hz and 85 Khz, gapped for 60 Ma standing current not subject to dc saturation, low phase shift
  • 2A3 output tubes (upgraded, user can select either of 3 options*) Option 1, is NOS (New Old Stock) matched pairs USA made. Tubes are managed in a perfect operating environment by a true negative grid bias and run on regulated DC supplies and DC filaments
  • EZ bias system utilizing analog panel meter with indicated “set” point bias takes only a few minutes and only needs adjustment as tubes age. Built in tube condition tester

Measured specifications:

  • Four+ watts per channel, peak power 6.5 watts per channel (max impulse power exceeds 11 watts per channel)
  • Wide-band hum and noise less than 100 microvolts. (both channels)
  • Bandwidth – 3 dB down 10 Hz and 100 KHz. Bandwidth +/- 1 dB 15 Hz –85 KHz 2nd harmonic down 70 dB at rated power
  • Signal to Noise better than 115 dB
  •  107 watts, line at 117 volts AC 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 14″ wide x 16″ tall x 14″ deep weight 60 Lbs.
  • Warranty 5 years amplifier and power base, 90 days tubes
  • Provided with New Old Stock issue 2A3 tubes and 6DJ8/6922 (Matched pairs and matched section NOS) ** Hand selected tubes are from our vast inventory of New Old stock tubes and Old stock tubes. Precision matched and graded on an Amplitrex AT-1000 computer test unit (We provide printed test results and matching results with the amplifier) Inquire when ordering about tube options 2 and 3
  • Certificate of bench tests and certified performance certificate provided with unit (signed)
  • Handmade in Oregon, USA
  • International voltage option 230 VAC 50 Hz ($ 250.00)

(*Optional 23 step Autoformer volume attenuators add $ 675.00)

Priced at $ 7900.00 ** last call discontinuing August 2022 plus shipping

50% deposit. Shipping 60 days or less from deposit date

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Weight 30 lbs
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