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The Ultimate Truth (Legacy Product) Why we discontinued

So our pilgrim moves up to the peak of the mountain. Here he encounters the pinnacle of perfection. Vast sonic vistas spread out in every direction. The eagle, whose visual clarity brings into focus all that surrounds him, is a worthy companion for the Ultimate Truth. From the lowest note on the of the lake’s motion to the whistle of wind that soars beyond hearing, the Truth is the holographic master of this entire realm. Without subtraction, without addition, the Truth presents all to the ears of those who have traveled this far to achieve perfection. With sonic nirvana permeating every cell of his body, our pilgrim delights in the best the world has to offer. If it is the thunder of the 1812 Overture or the sparkle of the notes from a harp string, every minute aural fiber is presented in its full glory. The Truth is here… come and experience it.+  Ultimate Truth. The BEST 2A3 amplifier on planet earth



Here is my explanation in my own words. One thing that was part of this decision, it became nearly impossible to get the chassis machined to the high standards we demand, the U bent top cover of 1/4 inch think aluminum is nearly impossible to bend in one piece and not have cracks in the corners. Rejects become impossible to manage and huge costs (the shop would not guarantee 100% crack free so if we had a crack it was  a reject but we still paid for it) the same happened with several other critical chassis parts. Lastly the extremely high quality mirror finish chassis paint work got out of control cost wise, over $ 1500 per unit! the rest of the issues are noted here:


The reason we have discontinued the DAA3, DAA3 +RAM and DLM-4 models was do to several factors. Specialty connectors and other internal parts as well meters have become extinct. It has become nearly impossible to source these quality parts and options of any quality do not exist. Rest assured however we have applied the technology in these models to our two most popular models now. The DGA-1 Ultra and the DAM-2 Mono-blocks. Both models will have optional remote RAM output transformer options. Just that they will not have the dual stacked chassis and front panel meters as well the stepped auto-former volume controls we will be offering an outboard accessory chassis option if a person wishes the best in volume controls. Performance wise these two models now offered meet and exceed the performance of the DAA3 and DAA3 + RAM as well the DLM-4 models. The highly acclaimed “original TRUTH” amplifier is performance wise the same as the DLM-2 mono-blocks with the RAM 1 option. This in the long run does several things for us. We can purchase larger quantities of materials and parts as these builds share many of the parts in common, saving us time in manufacturing and you the end user money and never compromise the famous Whamm sound !

Sincerely, Head Whammer


Whammerdyne Ultimate Truth 2a3 Amplifier (Legacy)

Its with a sad heart we will not produce the Truth amplifier after 2020. It’s to become a Legacy product

I had one full chassis assembly’s left to build this year (Now in the history books, sold out), It just got to expensive to build the chassis as machining and materials costs required we order at least 10 sets of chassis at a time and even with that costs went up 40% along with the specialty beautiful painted finish. It’s sad but the heart and soul lives on in the DAA3+RAM, DLM4+RAM, DAM-2 models


Some of our latest creations the all new DLM-4+ RAM Damn Little Monster+ Remote Advanced Magnetics)  this is a worlds first “Twin parallel 2A3 model” sporting (4) 2A3 tubes and measures 8.4 watts per channel and a peak over 16 watts per channel! Transformers are the worlds best and custom made for us by Monolith Magnetics. It’s in final testing now the measured documented tests will astound you (best on the planet) (availability NOW)

See other models now released this year the DAM-2 mono blocks

The Truth™ amplifier, which combines the beautiful tonality of a zero-feedback, direct-heated 2A3 Triode’s with the speed, presence and immediacy of an ultra-wideband amplifier (6 Hz to 145 kHz). The Truth™ amplifier has a wider bandwidth than any analog source, and any digital through 196/24. Part of the reason for the extraordinary bandwidth is the complete absence of coupling capacitors and cathode-bypass capacitors in the Truth™ circuit. All tubes operate in fixed-bias mode, with very low source impedance’s in the cathode circuit, and they are connected by the innovative Z-Direct Interface©, which has zero phase shift, does not store energy, and provides instant recovery from clipping. It’s a difference you can hear and enjoy for the life of the amplifier. Speaking of life, the Truth™ has a precision bias circuit that lets you optimize all of the tubes for optimum sound and the longest possible life. Although the Truth™ amplifier is ready to plug-and-play, thanks to the extended burn-in and testing at the factory, there’s an optional bias setting procedure that lets you dial-in the bias to any good working set of 6DJ8 and 2A3 tubes. Do you have a personal favorite set of 6DJ8’s and 2A3’s? Bring ‘em on! The multi-function bias meter, unlike a conventional type tube testers, measures the tubes in-circuit, at the actual voltages and currents of the working circuit, so you can be confident all tubes are operating at the exact optimum parameters. We’ve poured our dedication, love of music, and decades of engineering talent into this amplifier. Welcome to the Truth™! The best 2A3 amplifier on the planet

  • Machined Aluminum Chassis 100% bolted assembly
  • Dual autoformer stepped volume controls, with step balance feature
  • 11 total DC ultra fast low noise regulated power supplies
  • Unique multi chamber internal design (electrical noise isolation)
  • Highest magnetic isolation between transformers  (fully nulled)
  • Unique DC  thermal management system
  • Air flow convection design high thermal stability
  • All aircraft precision CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum,
  • Multi-layer automotive painted and polished finish
  • Heat transfer thermal mass stability
  • Anti-resonance and self-damping chassis
  • 100% “Faraday” shielding for critical electronics
  • Simpson custom meters and auto-ranging circuit designs
  • Ultra high bandwidth input and drive circuit (greater than 1 MHz)
  • True pure class A operation and True zero feedback SE design
  • Supplied with hand & computer matched ultra select NOS (New Old Stock) vacuum tubes

Typical Measured Specifications

All measurements taken after 1/2 hour warm up time

Power Output

  • Power output, both channels driven
  • 4.2 Watts RMS (2nd harmonic down 75 dB)

Peak power output

  • 11.5 Watts per channel

Frequency Response

  • 1 Watt RMS -3 dB @ 6 Hz – 145 kHz
  • Phase shift zero (Not measurable), audio pass band

Wideband hum and noise

  • Input shorted, output into 8 Ohm load
  • <25 µV RMS (Less than 25 micro-volts)

S/N Ratio @1kHz, just below clipping

  • 125 dB

Input sensitivity for full power

  • 1.3 V RMS


  • 14.5 dB

Gain match left and right channels

  • Better than .3 dB

Input Impedance

  • at 20 Hz: 30 K Ohms

Output Impedance

  • 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm (16 Ohm option by special order)

Typical line wattage at 117 vac/60 Hz. 107 watts

69 Lbs weight

Five Year warranty, 90 days tubes

For detailed information about our custom options* please

contact us directly

*  OPTION: Nano crystalline metal core low hysteresis

special output transformers available. (Nano X Crystalline Core option add $ 3500.00)

International voltage option 230 VAC 50 Hz ($ 150.00)


Priced at $13,000* ** plus shipping (No longer available not even if you twist my arm)

50% deposit custom hand built, 90 days to shipping

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