Damn Good Amp DGA-1 ULTRA

On the lake, water birds glide gracefully with harmonious precision, the subtleties of each feather reflected on the calm surface of the glassy pond.  In like fashion, the DGA-1 reflects the spell- binding quality of the sonic moment. If that moment has thunder claps or gentle waves meeting the beach, it is given to you in a way you can feel to the depth of your being.  You will be blessed by its presence, if you take the opportunity  to listen to this, the most basic member of the Whammerdyne Truth family.

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Whammerdyne “Damn Good Amp” (DGA-1) “ULTRA”

Revised for 2022 the ULTRA DGA-1 model sports direct input no capacitors from the volume control to input of 6922 gain/drive tube. Pure DC coupling with no capacitors, resistors or transformers between the input 6922 tube and the 2A3 output tubes. The chassis is a single unit all heavy gauge machined aluminum with an internal layout that minimizes interaction with the power transformer and output transformers (specially shielded). (7) Fully regulated power supplies including DC filaments and tube plate (B+). It’s a dual mono design so isolation between circuits is maximized. Pure class A operation (both input drive tube and 2A3 output tubes), Zero Feedback.

Tubes as installed will be NEW issue and fully tested/matched. We have integrated an updated version of our E-Z bias topology so now bias is even simpler using only two trim controls takes seconds and continually reads out on dual LED current meters. We use proven design technology derived from our famous models proven over the years in many key circuits. Very low measured wide-band hum and noise, over 115 dB down (you will not hear any noise/hiss in your efficient speakers) The sound is fast, transparent, detailed, bass has impact, unlike all other brands of SE amplifiers on the market.

Options: NOS (New Old Stock) computer matched tubes at additional cost. We now have added to the ULTRA model’s custom engineered output transformers by the famous Monolith Magnetics of Belgium. Providing a huge improvement in added bandwidth this lowers phase shift in the audio band and the special Dual Core windings and special material lowers transformer distortion even more. (I have been asked by many if you can use a pre-amplifier with our models of amplifiers and the answer is YES, just connect your favorite pre-amp to the inputs and turn our volume control up full, this effectively takes our control out of the circuit. But our amp is an integrated so you can also use it without a pre-amp no problem)

“The Finest 2A3 amplifiers on Planet Earth”

See Tone Audio Magazines Review http://www.tonepublications.com/review/the-whammerdyne-dga-amplifier/ (This review was based upon the entry level DGA-1 now discontinued in favor of the now in production DGA-1 ULTRA model)

“Best of all, it’s not out of reach of any music lover. With a wider palette of high efficiency speakers available these days, you might want to revisit just what a few of the right watts per channel can do. This is the best of the best” Jeff Dorgay- Tone

What customers say:

“I have put in around four days of listening to your amp in my stereo system and I have to say this thing is the biggest upgrade I have ever made. I try to keep my expectations modest with most changes to my system but this was too good.

Not only does it control the Devore woofers at the low end with much better grip but the highs a deliciously sweet. For the first time I have a noticeable increase in depth to the soundstage as well. When listening to free jazz I can follow individual lines without any blurring or homogenization of the various instruments. It’s really remarkable. And this is all with a very sub optimal source until I receive my turntable from overseas. Drums have never sounded more tonally correct with all the different overtones and shadings they can convey, and vibes just hang in midair forever. And this amp is fast with attacks that barrel forward with momentum.  The entire frequency range is just superb. My dad even showed up and said “it seems as if Bill Evans is in the room with us.” My biggest surprise is that the amp never even gets past half way wattage meter and these half to fill out a substantially sized room. The head room on this amplifier is stunning and all with just four watts. Once you hear it you can’t un-hear it is an understatement. Congratulations Pat on a wonderful product and it’s going to bring me years of pleasure. Now to pick my jaw up off the floor and listen to some more music!!”
My warmest regards, Tim L



“After a year and a half with the DGA1 (serial #: 001!), I love it even more than when I first received it.  I don’t know if there is any truth to audiophile electronics needing “burn in” time, and frankly, thought it was hogwash, but the amp is really warm, rich and powerful, even better now after a year and a half.

Paired with the efficient Klipsch La Scalas, it is not surprising the mids and highs are really strong (both strengths of good SET amps and the Klipsch La Scalas), but what is surprising is the full bodied, punchy, and rich bass.  Is it possible your amp is getting better and better over time? Can I really trust my own ears?  I say an emphatic “Yes!”

I have a quality vintage velodyne sub as well on the system, and while it’s a great addition, it’s not necessary for rich, full bass, which is a total shocker.

Thanks for the great work, I’m proud to be proud customer 001!”

Bernard G, Portland, Oregon

Amplifier Specifications

  • Amplifier module Alps type input volume control, direct coupled to gain stage. (no capacitor coupling)
  • Two RCA pure copper and hard gold plated pairs of input jacks with input select control switch (1 and 2)
  • 6DJ8/6922 input gain/drive tube DC coupled to the 2A3 output tubes. (New Old Stock Issue Tubes, gain and section matched , (By curve tracer and computer tube analysis)
  • Output tubes 2A3 type run on regulated DC supplies and DC filaments. Output transformers utilized are gapped for 60-70 mA standing dc current and of wide-band design. (high inductance, low insertion loss)
  • EZ bias system utilizing an LED digital segment display, continuous monitoring of selected output tube current, Two E-Z access trim controls for bias adjust.
  • 4 and 8 ohm speaker connection 5 way gold plated terminals
  • Measured specifications:
  • 4.2 watts per channel, peak power 7.5 watts per channel (both channels driven)
  • Wide-band hum and noise less than 100 micro-volts. (with various tube sets this can vary, our lab tests have been as low as 70 micro-volts)
  • Bandwidth +/- 1 dB 15 Hz –35 KHz +/- 3 dB 15 Hz-85 KHz (low phase shift) with supplied internal Monolith internal output transformers
  • 120 VAC line voltage  60 Hz 114 watts
  • Dimensions 14″ wide x 14″ deep x 11″ tall  weight 40 Lbs.
  • Optional NOS tube upgrades please inquire
  • Coming in the future outboard “RAM” remote advanced magnetics will be offered in 3 levels of (Monolith Magnetics output transformers please inquire)
  • Outboard super stepped auto-former volume chassis will be offered (inquire for details)
  • International voltage option 230 VAC 50 Hz ($ 300.00)

Priced at $ 11,000 * ** plus shipping

Accepting orders with 50% deposit, estimated shipping 30-60 days

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Weight 30 lbs
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