We are celebrating our 10th year! Its been such a rewarding and enjoyable journey. I’m saddened that one of the founding members of Whammerdyne has passed away (About a year and a half ago) and is celebrating with us from up above. I’m sure Paul would be pleased to see how far we have come. If it were not for him, I (Head Whammer) would have not started this endeavor. Thank you Paul for the past years of encouragement and support. Our team now consists of two of us and a third collaborative effort with Ken of Songer Audio. Watch for all the new and exciting worlds firsts coming this year from Whammerdyne and Songer Audio.

Well the announcement is official Whammerdyne will be shipping the worlds first DC coupled Hybrid amplifier last week of January 10 units are being built in this run one is now sold. See more on this website look for: Circuit Salad model MKPH SIXTY. This product is fully in keeping with the true sonics achieved with all of our Whamm product line.

The 2nd announcement is our collaborative efforts with Ken of Songer Audio, both in development of the worlds first Field Coil “Smart” power supply and with co-development of Kens new S2 model Open Baffle loudspeaker. None other on the planet like this design. See more at Ken’s website www.songeraudio.com Kudos go to Ken, I have the first pre-production prototype he developed at the Listening Den at Whamm World. (its insanely good) can you envision a 10 inch Filed Coil driver that is fully dipole (two whizzers front and rear) One of our guests at the preliminary listening sessions made the comment, its fast and extended like an electrostatic speaker! (I wholeheartedly agree)


As we enter this new decade for Whammerdyne I’m retiring several models of the Whamm line up and have made room for a few new offerings. The very last TRUTH flagship was sold and I dedicated it to Paul’s memory by having a special serial number applied to it. We also will phase out the DLM-4 this spring, just too expensive and time consuming to build as well we will phase out the DAA-3 + RAM model (both by late spring will be no more)


I will be selling the original pre-production DLM-4 that I have here at the lab as well I’m considering selling my personal (in mint condition and has all the upgrades) Truth amplifier so if you have interest please reach out to me. Once there gone that’s it.


We will be attending this years Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle Washington (State) so look for the dates: We will be having a jam packed room with Ken’s new speakers, and a few of our Whamm offerings and a surprise or two (Hint the worlds first dc coupled mono blocks based upon the GM70 Triode and a fully DC coupled  WE 212E based super Triode mono block pair)


Lots of fun stuff at Whamm World stay tuned   HW~