A day with the “Zen” Master of Open Baffle Loudspeakers. It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of Ze’ev’s Pure Audio Project speakers and the synergy with our Whamm amps. The very best pairing I have had in my personal audio systems in 43 years!. Here are a few pix of Ze’ev visiting me at the Whammer Labs on Sunday, He is a huge fan of BBQ Ribs so you can guess what Head Whammer had ready for him, Baked BBQ beans, Baby Back BBQ ribs, Garlic Bread, Cole Slaw. All home cooked and of course some of my famous reserve Imperial Bourbon Barrel aged stouts. (Pictured Ze’ev and I, I’m the FAT one! Ha, I like beer what can I say) Thanks so much Ze’ev for spending the day and evening with us. Fun Times

Head Whammer “The BEST 2A3 amplifiers on the planet”

In my Listening Salon:

Whammerdyne “Truth” Ultimate 2A3 amplifier with Nano-X output transformers

Whammerdyne DAA3+RAM 2A3 amplifier

Whammerdyne (Prototype) Parallel 2A3 amplifier with RAM (Remote Advanced Magnetics)

(1) pair Pure Audio Project “Quintet 15’s with the Horn 1”

(1) pair of Pure Audio Project “Trio 15’s with the Voxativ 1.6’s”

(1) Modified Sonos Connect by Wyred for Sound

(1) MSB “Analog” DAC

(1) Linn Sondek LP12 with Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge (Custom phono pre by Whammer Labs)

Various cabling by me (Head Whammer) and Jena Labs

specialty power supplies for the Sonos and various other gear

Microsoft “Surface” PC to run as Streaming device and networked to Synology Mass storage drive array