If you are on the fence about ordering your new Whamm amplifier get your orders going soon I will be taking the month of December off (My family and vacation time)

I will be back at builds in January but will be limiting production and only build two models a month. That’s about right for me to build each unit fully myself and fully test and certify.

I also will be thinning the offerings of models to the most popular units and offer some extra upgrade options to the models that remain in the lineup


Just a side note thank you to all the loyal members of the Whamm family 2020 has been the best year ever in the 10 years of Whammerdyne

(I’m also seriously considering no longer any international sales as the shipping and logistics is a nightmare, unless you have a freight/shipping agency on your end that will arrange all the shipping details)


Cheers, Head Whammer


“Always True to the Music”