DAA3+RAM it’s just awesome

Glorious Music flowing. Now here is a very nice system. The customer just received his Whamm model DAA3+RAM amplifier. The speakers are the famed Voxativ Pi models. I personally love the Voxativ line of speaker offerings. The customer has only had the amplifier a few weeks and here are a few recent comments he sent me as well as some I have added from our recent phone conversation.

1) Really enjoying the amplifier
2) The amplifier is dead quiet
3) the quality of the amplifier is stellar
4) making a bias adjust is so easy (amazingly simple)
5) The amp has such a glorious sound-stage and amazing detail
6) very fast and controlled

More to come as the customer gets time with the amp, he will follow up with a full testimonial listening report. You can bet I will post it up. Thank you Bruce R (California) welcome to the Whamm family

Whammerdyne, “The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”
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Foot note:

I have a ready to go model DAA3 (This is the model with the smaller internal Monolith output iron)  see more details on product page, it includes the optional upgrade with the 23 step “autoformer” volume controls. Its ready for purchase now can ship immediately (regular price is $ 6500 and the autoformer option is $ 475.00) I will sell for $ 6500 and include the option at no extra charge) plus shipping of course. This is a USA model so it is set for 120 volt operation, not international