//And More! (Recent Feedback from a recently delivered DGA1)

And More! (Recent Feedback from a recently delivered DGA1)

” Thank you so much for the Damn Good Amp1, it sounds fantastic!  The DGA1 replaced my Jolida SJ502A, and the DGA1 blows it away!  The Damn Good Amp1 beats it on all fronts:  crisper mid-range and highs, and richer, fuller bodied bass.  The soundstage on the DGA is wider, with a lot of depth, I could really tell a difference on Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”, the cymbals sound like they are being played in the room with me, and horns really are opened up.
Whammerdyne’s SET amp really pairs well with my hyper-efficient vintage 1978 Klipsch La Scalas, I rarely turn the volume up and it gets plenty loud.  To my untrained ears, the DGA has the benefits of a SS amp with crisp sound, but the roundness and positives that a tube amp provides, it’s the “best of both worlds.”
Pat’s great customer service is fantastic as well, I can’t imagine any of the big box places answering my audiophile questions like Pat does, which is worth a lot and very important to me.  Really good value as well.”
Thank you Head Whammer!
Garth B.
Thank you so much Garth, Enjoy!. Welcome to the Whammer Family.. Head Whammer
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