Thomas Sulentic Show report for PureAudioProject….

I knew something was up in January when a request for another sleeping room was returned with a “we are completely full.”

It was later confirmed that indeed something was up. The last of the CES titans decided enough was enough, and now turned to AXPONA as the place to ‘WOW’ the audiophile crowd. But, this review is not about the CES heavy weights invading my corner of my midwest audio show – I only have to drive 3.5 hrs and I’m unloading. Pretty sweet – NO, this was about having a good time with friends; Jeff from Exogal, Pat from Whammerdyne, Mike from Verastaar, Stephen from Cos Engineering and Erick Wilson–the greatest in room guest DJ EVER! To be honest, I just wanted to play Trance and Chicago House all weekend. I was veto’d.. But when there was a lul, it was Armin Van Buuren on 11 – “That’s all she’s got captain!” said head whammer…

Our initial plan was simple; we swap out amps during the day have a little talk about our products and roll along. But something was in the air. There was an energy that said to us – “Sorry guys, time to put on the big boy pants and show them what you got.”

So we did…

From the White corner we hit them with the Whammerdyne Truth amplifier, Cos d1 DAC/Pre-amp, Verastaar Copper Audio Foils and matching internal wires as well as what I call the Verastaar power grid – cables and distribution rolling into the TRIO15 horn1.

In the Orange corner, a first for us at a show (2 rooms), we went for a complete system. The simplicity and flow of the music from the world debut of the Exogal Vortex streamer – Comet – Ion combo was PURE Willy Wonka Chocolate river deliciousness. Smooth, velvet, transparent sound flowed from the Exogal hardware into the TRIO10 Voxativ. BTW – This is what I run at home, in fact, it was MY system save for the Vortex, which I wanted to steal. But Jeff from Exogal would make me pay through any number of his CRUEL jokes when you least expect it.
So, how did it sound you ask? Here is what Jay had to say…

“Hi Pat/Tom,
It was an absolute pleasure to meet both of you and hearing the Whammerdyne amplifiers paired with the PureAudioProject speakers. It was by far the best system of the expo, as was evident by our repeated visits to your sound room. I could not get enough of the sound. It compared to my friends system north of $150,000. I dare to say it surpassed it.”

A guy walking past the Exogal door during break down commented to his buddy – “Those are the speakers I was telling you about – f*king amazing.” Then gave me the thumbs up…

To all of us at the shows, that is what makes the daily grind so rewarding –

Now, we understand that it probably wasn’t ‘the Best’.. But, we did have people pouring in Friday, Saturday and Sunday to which we have not seen before saying it was indeed the best. And, I have on occasion said to my friends that my TRIO10s are blanky blank Amazing too… Could be maybe..?

I would have taken more photos, but my ATT iPhone was playing the roll of internet connection for the Roon Core Saturday and Sunday. Our Google WiFi router when hooked up to the Exogal Demo network worked well, but when you have 4 rooms streaming, the PureAudioProject room was rightfully booted and left to fed off the likes of VonSchwantzy on their own. Thank you ATT for the bandwidth.

We all had a blast, and enjoyed meeting and showing EVERYONE a good time in our room.

So where does that leave us – ready for the next adventure –

Thank You all and Enjoy –

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