//Damn! “Its the DLM4″+RAM, Damn Little Monster (4) for 4 2A3 tubes

Damn! “Its the DLM4″+RAM, Damn Little Monster (4) for 4 2A3 tubes

“DLM” Damn Little Monster is partly alive. I had some time to get one of the old prototype chassis reconfigured internally (It took some circuit re-engineering) and now what you see is just one single channel using two 2A3 tubes as outputs (Paralleled) , the external transformer is a beta test unit that was made especially for this new project. The photos are rough and the spectrum analyzer results are very promising. I have a measured bandwidth of 20 Hz to 158 KHz and only -3 dB down on each end! my hum and noise in rough test is under 40 micro-volts and as you can see in a few of the analyzer pix the nice spectrum. (Update) I was able to “clean” up the circuit a bit on the prototype and now hum and noise is 22 micro-volts

I measured 2nd harmonics at 5 watts that were 52 dB down and 3rd at 72 dB down. My distortion THD at 1 watt was 0.65% and at 5% it was 8.4 watts, peak power over 12 watts. The one nasty photo on the spectrum analyzer was the “Little Monster” growling back at me when I pushed it to a sustained 14 watts. (I’m a big meanie) .. The output transformer was really (literally) screaming at me. I just placed it in my big listening room and paralleled the two Quintet 15 speakers to the one channel I had working. That’s 8 15 inch woofers folks and it rocked the house and into a 4 ohm load no less

More to come as I get the chassis modified for the (4) 2A3 output tubes. I will be working toward that end next week and also adding some “dual” regulators to the DC filament supply’s” I’m thinking at this point pricing for the new offering will be $ 10,500  a bargain for the pure class A and best 2A3 amp on the planet. That includes the Ultra special wide band remote mounted transformers!.

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