DAM! its a RAM

WoW (World of Whammerdyne) does it again. Dual mono-bloc’s with optional RAM output transformers. This model is insane. A recent listening session here at Whamm Labs had listeners totally spell bound and jaws on the floor. Insane bass control driving no less than (8) 15 inch woofers. The comments came fast and furious this is the most incredible amp(s) I have ever heard. So pure, transparent, fast, detailed, real, like you are at the performance and the bass control was amazing just incredible.

So there you have it. I think we have a winner. I’m taking orders now for either the DAM (Damn Awesome Mono) and for the DAM+RAM models.

see website for more detail:http://whammerdyne.com/product/damn-good-amp-dga-2/

“Always True to the Music”