I don’t need to add any comments here except one Thank you Steve! (This is the DAA3+RAM model)


“I rarely buy audio equipment unless it is connected to my audio business (Ambience Audio), but after hearing one of your amps at an audio show and another in a customers home, I was intrigued enough to pursue the purchase of one of your amplifiers for my single ended system. After a reasonable period of break in, I have to say that this is one of the few amps that can rival the performance of my Kondo Kegan monoblocks at a fraction of the price. I have been able to experience extreme musicality with state of the art transparency, tone rendition and dynamics. These amps demand the best sources to realize their incredible potential¬† but once properly set up a musical nirvana is afforded to the owner.”



The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on the Planet