Further tests results on the (“Baby Mono’s”) DDT-2 note analyzer test photos. In one I have the low end bandwidth tests at 8.4 watts load and we see our – 3dB point at 9 Hz very respectable, upper end bandwidth – 3dB point is 60 Khz .. these are very respectable numbers for an economy design with affordable output transformers. Now If I had built this unit up like my flagship the DLM-4 + RAM with the outboard transformers we would have vastly improved test and performance results. But of course, lots more in costs to build. Note my reading of 8.426 watts pretty darn good. More to come as I finalize circuit components and voltages. The circuit now is rock stable. This will all lead to a new model in the Whamm family (DDT-2 projected price per pair is $ 7,000 ) as well as the “Stealth” project that will come out of this new model. Now more to the story, how about 24 watts of pure SE class A power with no feedback. Yes really!. But the only caveat this Stealth model will only use JJ Brand 2A3-40’s as these are the only 2A3’s on the market with the plate power dissipation that will allow for this much class A output. However, the special Stealth model is going to be both expensive as it will be an all-out effort with unreal specifications and at least 6 months away (I project cost on a mono pair at over $ 20,000.

“Always True to the Music”