The new shop and lab expansion is moving right along. We should have the flooring in by end of the month of April. Then its making ready for the new milling machine and some other fabrication equipment to install. I will post photos of the work soon.

I’m also launching a sale on some of my selected demo models we have in our main listening salon. Inquire about these models I have they will be aggressively priced to clear out. I have the following (1) disconnected model a DGA-2  (1) DAA-3 +RAM its a current model and has been used a few times at audio shows. I may consider selling my prized serial # 1 custom “Truth” model that’s my very own but not at any discount as it has the Nano-X core custom output transformers very expensive and custom paint on the chassis I’m placing a do not sell price of $ 18,000 on it so I will not go any lower. Nor will I convert it to international line voltage unless you wish to spend another $ 1,000 on that (230/50 Hz.)

I have one “Truth” chassis left that I can build one more standard issue Truth model but that will be a fixed price of $ 10,000 no upgrades on this one (its the last Truth model I will build)

Finally, I’m getting closer on my “Stealth” amplifier. I will only custom build this on a one per year commission, yes only one per year!. It will be tube based but not a 2a3 it will use the mother of all triode power tubes the famed GM70 (copper plate) but with a twist it will all be DC coupled using our proprietary circuit topology. Numbers at this point are 22 watts of pure class A operation 28 watts in A2 with zero feedback and a bandwidth of over 100 Khz. Two monoblock construction and a double decker chassis topology. Pricing starts at $ 30,000 a pair (this for the best SE high power triode amps on the planet) a deposit for this commission is required of $ 15,000. No trade ins


There is a lot going on at Whammer World… audio shows for this year I think are out as the Covid-19 has pushed out many events and I just cant take the time to plan for any more later in the year. If you wish to hear our amps you will need to make a trip to us. If you end up buying or ordering a product from your visit part or all of your travel expenses will be credited.


Head Whammer

“Always True to the Music”