I have discontinued the model DGA-2 + RAM this was nearly a non mover in sales. The reason is most customers either purchased the DGA-1 with upgraded output transformers or moved to buy the DAA-3 model skipping over the DGA-2 .. so with this, why have it offered?. In its place I now offer a mono block version of the popular DGA-1 and best of all this new model the DAM-2 is 9.5 watts of pure class A, no feedback and no capacitors from the input tube to the 2A3 tube pure DC coupling!

I just posted revisions too the web page adding all the information about the DAM-2 (Mono-Bloc’s) take a look you will be impressed

Now for the remaining brand new DGA-2 that has been discontinued. I’m offering it at a one time price of $ 4500.00 email me for specifications and details (Pictured here is the DGA-2 with the “Mini RAM” remote output transformers)

It’s the Whammer way

“Always True to the Music”