Thought I would post up about our nearly completed lab and shop expansion. We now have three dedicated benches and assembly areas for Whamm amplifiers. I also have expanded our depth of stock parts and build materials. I’m still limiting my customer builds to two amplifiers a month (except custom builds) they are taking about 60+ days. The reason I limit is every amplifier is assembled and built by me. I will not add help, why you might ask? QUALITY control. I want each amp perfect and then fully finished by me and all QC/final certification testing by me. I will never compromise this as well as I will never bulk buy of cheaper quality parts. We use only the best components and all are QC tested and graded. A fun fact: did you know Whammerdyne is in its 10th year of manufacture?. Its been an exciting journey our customer feedback is 100% That’s it for now and thanks for all your support loyal customers. You all are enjoying the “Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”


Head Whammer