It was a great 2022, but we look ahead to 2023 our product line is strong with 3 models now offered many with additional performance options. With over 10 years now in production Whammerdyne has gained a world wide solid reputation. Many accolades from Audio Show events as well many esteemed magazine reviews published. Even a few best of class and show awards. This new year of 2023 is already shaping up with a solid parts and  materials inventory. One fun fact did you know? Whammerdyne tests and grade matches  its components used in each build?. Why yes we do and as well every unit is fully burned in over 100 plus hours and undergoes a substantial Quality Control process. (a certified certificate of measured performance is provided on each shipment) 100% QC is our goal and we never will waiver.

We would love to welcome you to be part of our extended family in the new year. The finest 2A3 tube amplifiers and Hybrids on the planet


HW~ Head Whammer