We have returned back home. The show is over, CAS8 “California Audio Show” in its eighth year. This was our third year of attending as exhibitors and making the annual “road trip” its about a 10 hour drive from our lab just south of Portland, Oregon to Oakland California. The show was better then ever this year it was not only very upbeat but in my opinion the attendance was better, just a great vibe the entire 3 days. I worked bell to bell in our exhibit room and had dozens of conversations with attendees. I wish to thank my good friend Jerry for all of his support and enduing my sometimes (most times) obsessiveness over every detail. This will be Jerry’s third year working the show with me also I must thank my wife Judi for her patience with my many audio exploits over our 38 years of marriage, a saint yes and as they say behind every successful man an awesome spouse is really the key.

Genuine thanks and appreciation goes to Ze’ev and Thomas of Pure Audio Project (Speakers) we teamed up many years ago and now have I think 6 or 7 shows under our belts exhibiting together. I love Ze’ev’s speakers they really are the “Holy Grail” and to put your mind at ease when I make this statement I purchased my speakers from Ze’ev initially before ever pairing up to do shows together. I’m totally enthusiastic as I only work with people that I believe 100% in their products. You both are rock stars in my book and I thank you for allowing me to pair with you two at the audio shows. This year the comments ranged from attendees in our room from Wow! to OMG this is the best sound I have ever heard and its the best at the show this year!. I personally never received any negative comments from anyone I did a rough count of our room attendance over the show and it exceeded 300+

Now to what was on display. We debuted our new model the DAA3+RAM (Damn Awesome Amplifier) +( Remote Advanced Magnetics). This is a worlds first the output transformers are remotely located and are placed next to your speakers this eliminates the DCR DC resistance from speaker cables and removes the reactive element improving damping factor additionally removing the transformers from the actual main chassis of the amplifier negates the magnetic and induced currents from the coupling to the power transformer and other circuit stray magnetic fields. This lowers the noise floor (Wide-band hum and noise to a low of 3 micro volts) that folks is over 145 dB down! how quiet is that well even if one had connected 110 dB efficient horn speakers, no (ZERO) hum, hiss or other grunge would be heard even if you place your ears right at the output of the horn. It took a lot of me burning the midnight oil in the lab to engineer a cable for the umbilical that connects from the amplifier chassis to the remote transformers as it not only carries the high voltage DC and at a 60 milli-amp standing current it also carries the high voltage AC audio signal on the same wires. It was a huge process working with all in the interactions that occur when one try’s this method, but I nailed it (extremely low coupled capacitance 23 pico farads, inductance is a low 3 micro-henrys and the dc resistance is under 40 milli ohms) Last thing to note is now we can offer three options of output transformers including our flagship transformer that is of Nano Crystalline Core Amorphous construction.


I will be building up soon a new page on the web site with all specifications and pricing, But for now the base price with level 1 output transformers is $ 6900.00, ship time from

order varies right now as I construct in batches of 5 so it can be as short as 3 weeks to as long as 60 days.

If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out and contact me.


Happy Listening, Head Whammer

The worlds only 2A3 tube DC Coupled SE amplifier with no coupling capacitors and remote output transformers