//High Praise, High Marks “Ultimate Truth”

High Praise, High Marks “Ultimate Truth”

We at Whamm Labs, live for customer feedback like this! (It just echos what we experience each day enjoying musical bliss)


“Hi Pat,
Here is a brief synopsis of my one year in the Truth club….

I have just passed the one year anniversary of living “The Truth”. As you are well aware, in my system it is driving the Zu Definition IVs. Over the course of the year I have rotated upstream components. For analog, I am currently moving between 2 turntables, the EMT 948 with TSD15 cartridge and the Thorens TD124 (slate plinth) with the Ortofon SPU A95. These run through the Modwright PH150 phono pre. For a digital source I use a dedicated MacMini with Audrivana through the Schiit Yggdrasil (Analog 2 Gen 5). The analog and digital sources ultimately run through the “Hotrodded” Fisher 400cx2 that you have previously worked your magic on. All cables are Transparent audio save for the speaker cables which are Zu Event.

Over the year I have had a chance to roll different driver tubes in the Whammerdyne. An NOS Telefunken E88C which delivers incredibly crisp definition and imaging while not being sterile. The Amperex 6922 is more supple, very musical. I rolled a Soviet in there as well which performed well but I moved on before putting it throught the paces. Currently I am running a Phillips PQ E88C, in my set up this tube has really been delivering a great mix of the musicality of the Amperex and the imaging and definition of the Telefunken. I have some rare Lorenz tubes I will likely drop in at some point as well as Siemens, but these have yet to be tested. For the output tubes I am currently using the Emission Labs 2a3 mesh plate. At the cost of a little less power they deliver astounding sound and definition. I do tend to favor them to the NOS RCA, but it is really splitting hairs. The bottom line is that this amplifier is absolutely incredible. It is quick, unbelievably quick and delivers imaging so true to life it can be scary. Over the year I have had a number of fellow audiofools come by and give the system a listen. Some of this audience has included members of the ultra high end club, uniformly, they have all been blown away. Rave reviews and amazement at what they are hearing and the general sentiment has been regardless of price, it would be very hard to do better. So, the bottom line is that I continue to be a very happy customer.”

Ryan P


Ryan has one of our famous “Ultimate Truth” models

Thank you Ryan , a most humbled head Whammer


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