I have been working on updating the website today to delete some models and add in the new “Circuit Salad” Hybrid..I’m finding out how one just cant be good at everything anymore.
From working on developing new products, to designs, to all the little things dealing with parts, to boards, to machining, now photography, copyrighting, Website management it never ends. The curse with all the things in media land alone is a full time job. So I really ask that everyone cut this old Head Whammer some slack. I’m doing my best to figure it all back out. So today I have been at the computer over 6 hours and barely got anything revised. Ugg..is all I can say

Now when customers ask me about pricing on a products they sure cant begin to understand everything that goes into getting it even to market. So if you want a deal I can say firmly go find someone else, we build the best in the world and there is no compromise. So be kind back so my replies when I say you want a deal? ..it will be met with go away