I think our new Whammer owner (DAA3 model) likes his amplifier. In his own words….

Hi Pat,

“I have put in around four days of listening to your amp in my stereo system and I have to say this thing is the biggest upgrade I have ever made. I try to keep my expectations modest with most changes to my system but this was too good.

Not only does it control the Devore woofers at the low end with much better grip but the highs a deliciously sweet. For the first time I have a noticeable increase in depth to the soundstage as well. When listening to free jazz I can follow individual lines without any blurring or homogenization of the various instruments. It’s really remarkable. And this is all with a very sub optimal source until I receive my turntable from overseas. Drums have never sounded more tonally correct with all the different overtones and shadings they can convey, and vibes just hang in midair forever. And this amp is fast with attacks that barrel forward with momentum.  The entire frequency range is just superb. My dad even showed up and said “it seems as if Bill Evans is in the room with us.” My biggest surprise is that the amp never even gets past half way wattage meter and these half to fill out a substantially sized room. The head room on this amplifier is stunning and all with just four watts. Once you hear it you can’t un-hear it is an understatement. Congratulations Pat on a wonderful product and it’s going to bring me years of pleasure. Now to pick my jaw up off the floor and listen to some more music!!”

My warmest regards,

Tim L.


It’s the Whammer Way..

“The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”


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