//Insight when upgrading from DGA2 to DAA3

Insight when upgrading from DGA2 to DAA3

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Here is feedback from a customer (now lifetime member of the Whamm family) who has upgraded in stages with his DGA2 to the DAA3 , his first upgrade was to replace the output iron with the special transformers we have made for us by Monolith Magnetics, he also has installed the front panel relative power meter and the front panel volume controls, however has kept in the Alps “Blue Velvet’s) for now. His goal is to do these upgrades in stages so reports can be made as to changes and improvements that he hears. The next upgrade is to install the two 23 step autoformer volume controls. This is the first stage and report:

Hello Pat,

“I have spent some time listening to the DAA3 converted amp….

I am very pleased with what I have heard so far…only 20 hours

Here are my listening appreciations after the upgrade:

1 AIR now I hear lots of air around the instruments and voices…

2 Sense of a more coherent image and with more depth, width and height thus giving you the sense of real live music

3 Ultra quiet background….. blacks are even blacker.

4 Bass definition and delineation very natural

5 More open midrange and transparent with the real tone harmonics

6 lots of low level detail (more info displayed)

7 FOCUS…. More precise

8 Sense of a more powerful amp with excellent dynamics”


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Thanks to Alvaro and his efforts to convey differences the best way to know of improvements is to have reports like this from real customers!

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