I have not posted up in a while so I thought a quick update was in order. Its a busy time here at Whamm World. Lots of build projects in the works. We are also beginning preparations for our annual trip to the CAS Audio show in July. We will debut two of our new models the DLM4+RAM and the DGA2+RAM. Both I feel will be real show stoppers. The thrill will be watching jaws drop as we crank the DLM4 amp and power (8) 15″ woofers that will rattle the walls and doors all without any strain. Take that you wanna be tube amps and many solid state amps too. Real clean bass with tone and definition that’s what the Wham family of 2A3 SE amplifiers can do easily.

So if you are planning on attending an audio show that’s not only smaller and more friendly and engaging then all the others. This is the one show that’s a must. We love doing it every year. See the CAS audio website for show dates. https://www.caaudioshow.com/

The summer is almost upon us, YAY.. its been a bit of a long winter here in the NW’s Rain Forest..

Head Whammer

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