The last Truth model to ever be built will be delivered tomorrow. Its a sad and happy time for head hammer. But its going to a great home and being paired with Avantgarde horn speakers (106 dB efficient)

The Truth model has now ended its 10 year run and is a legacy product. It has supported a lot of innovation in SET design and that has trickled into our entire line of Whamm amplifiers.


I will be taking the month of December this year off. A much needed rest R&R for Head Whammer. I will be doing the build on my personal 35 watt SE amplifier mono block project as well we will be starting a substantial home remodeling project. My new listening room will also be part of the remodel.

I will continue to post during the month but it will be a mix of my projects and updates on the proprietary 10 inch field coil  “smart” field coil power supply. I will not be building any customers Whamm amplifiers during this time off. Orders that do come in will have a first quarter 2021 delivery dates


Head Whammer

A huge big thank you goes out to the ever expanding Whammer’s owner family thank you for all your support we have had the best year ever