The fully revised DGA-1 (Damn Good Amplifier) is now shipping. I will post more “Glamour” photos soon as well as update the product web-page as to photos and specifications. This is a re-design (simplified) circuit topology but still maintains the famous Whamm sonics. It is fully DC coupled and no capacitors between in the signal path from volume control to grid of the 2A3 output tubes!, no transformers either just a straight connection. All power supplies are fully DC regulated including the DC filament supplies (7) including the twin B+ supplies at 415 volts DC! (its a stiff power supply with lots of energy storage) when current is demanded by large musical signals at low bass frequencies we have no issues with current limiting (dynamics abound) transient speed is lighting fast due too the circuit design. No rolled of transients here!

Its running about 30 days from the time of your deposit to shipping¬† and you only need $ 1,000 deposit to secure a build slot in our Q Retail is $ 2950.00 + shipping. The only options we offer are upgraded tube sets. It ships with JJ brand 6922 and Psvane 2A3’s. Options include NOS Amperex 6922 and NOS RCA or Sylvania 2A3’s


Head Whammer

“The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”