The two builds of the worlds first “DAM-2” model is moving right along. (Damn Awesome Mono’s) twin 2A3’s per-amp but both tubes in each amp are supplied by individual regulated power supplies (7 per mono block), bias per tube is individually adjustable so a perfect current match can be obtained and easily adjusted as tubes wear and yes a pure DC coupled topology no caps in the drive tube to 2A3 output tube signal path, yes really.. Not to mention twice the noise rejection as well as huge headroom. 8.4 watts per mono block. Finished Product “Glamour” photos will be posted next week.

All this and only $ 7,000 a pair. (for now, ha I can only hold the price for a while) get your deposits in for March deliveries.

The “Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”

Always True to the Music

Updated preliminary specifications: 9 watts pure class A no feedback, 14 watts A2 hum and noise 100 mirco volts wide band or 115 dB down. Full spectrum analyzer tests soon with bandwidth measurements and THD spectrum (Certification documentation)