//Lots of goings on at Whamm World Labs

Lots of goings on at Whamm World Labs

Yes, tube amplifiers are micro-phonic, here is a test, one channel is loaded into an 8 ohm resistor and the digital meter is showing my zero level hum and noise of the amplifier (Yes zero) micro-volts that’s as quiet as it can get (that’s why I call it the worlds best 2A3 amplifier!) so in this video you see zero on the meter, now watch as I turn the volume up and the left channel is playing on the bench, note the amplified sound that the tubes are picking up from the sound pressure level. Now this is minor in relation to the volume level (LOUD) but it does demonstrate the effect. Most tube amplifiers Pentode or higher output designs are far worse as the gain of these designs is much higher. This is way most tube amps on the market have phase and frequency modulation artifacts when you are listening to them among other ills, as they have transformers on the same chassis that when playing that modulate the magnetic fields and cross talk. Now you see why Whamm Rules. Remote Advanced Magnetics (RAM) removes a substantial issue over the chassis mounted designs !

Go to our Whammerdyne Facebook Page and see two recent videos posted of noise test and Monster amp cranked to concert levels (105 Db peaks) https://www.facebook.com/whammerdyne/

Whammer Rules


The DLM4+RAM prototype cranking in the big listening room (Damn Little Monster + Remote Advanced Magnetics)
Bass is incredible driving ( 8 ) 15 inch woofs. Range is insane. Detailed and deep wide as it gets, totally a holographic sound stage!! (Take that any Tube and or Sand amp)

Whamm World (No Photo) but video on our FB Whammerdyne page: https://www.facebook.com/whammerdyne/

Various photos of test work on both the DLM4+RAM (Damn Awesome Amplifier + Remote Advanced Magnetics) I’m working out some chassis cosmetics and thermal issues using face mounted heat sinks. Gotta keep the 11 regulated power supplies happy when you have a huge power supply and 240 watt mains power former

Spectrum and test photos show of revised circuits on the updated topology that will be replacing the DGA-1 (Entry Level 2A3 single chassis amp) see 4.2 watts delivered and a low 29 micro volts of hum and noise. Textbook (great) harmonic spectrum!) bench photo with fellow in it is my good friend and engineer over at his tech bench verifying  the test results from my lab work.

Beer of the day when you (we) have bench success


Head Whammer of Whamm World

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