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Mo’ Money

News and Prices. Sadly I just received notifications from several of my suppliers that prices have increased, shipping has jumped to. The fortunate side is I have a good inventory that will allow me to fill several more builds over the next month or so. But here it comes as prices increase again. I keep my margins tight so I can offer the best product for a most competitive price, so absorbing supplier price increases usually cannot be done. Why build these great products if I can’t make a reasonable return. Its a lot of work. So while a price increase is coming I can’t yet say how much but expect it to be implemented around the end of August. So if orders come in now they will hold at old pricing. But after the end of August I can’t guarantee that orders will be subject to an increase.

Head Whammer has been a busy fellow we have 4 orders in house now for products and two pending…

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