The new for 2019 DGA-1 and DGA-2 + RAM are now shipping. We have two DGA-1’s that just were delivered to customers and an in final build a DGA-2 + RAM that will ship end of the month. Thank you to our three new members of the Whammerdyne family. The sad news is I may need to raise prices again by June this year. Import duty costs on our special build custom transformers and raw other chassis material costs including some key components have all gone up. Since I’m factory direct on my sales I do not have any “padding” for dealer margins or distributor margins this is how I have been able to build exceptional quality components with very high value. But with the base component costs going up I have no room to absorb these into the slim profit I make on each unit. So if you are contemplating a purchase get you orders in soon

A recent listener to our DAA-3 + RAM amp said this the other day:
“I have heard dozens of other SE type amplifiers and this one KILLED them all the sound was so open, transparent, powerful , yet detailed , bass was awesome, My most recent listen was a Line Magnetic model that sold at $ 6500 and the Whammerdyne just killed it no comparison”

I love this type of feedback. That’s the Whammer way we build the “Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”

Head Whammer