//No Show! Yes, read our story

No Show! Yes, read our story

Well it was bound to happen!!! I bring bad news!!, Whamm is not showing at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF. Say it ain’t so. Yes its real and I’m so unhappy. It all started with my careful packing for the show, and sending off using a trusted logistics shipping company I have used many times over the years. Well my “White Glove” service went to Hell when 1/2 of my shipment was lost in transit somewhere between San Francisco and Salt lake City. I only found this out Thursday night the eve of the opening of the show Friday!. Well many dozens of emails, calls, smoke signals it is yet to be located. To say this is a huge deal is an understatement. We planned on having the best show ever and I guarantee you we would have taken top honors for our rooms sound. So there you have it. That’s all folks. I just hope they find the shipment and I get back everything to the Whammer Labs.

In the mean time I post up a few photos of today’s tweaking on the new DLM4+RAM amplifier prototype. Its in final works before I commit it to chassis machining and make available for sale in November. Please enjoy and if you have a chance to visit my Listening Salon here in Wilsonville, Oregon I will give you a test drive with one of the best sounding systems on planet earth. I guarantee you will leave in total disbelief.

Head Whammer…..

Don’t even think how much not being at the show cost me mentality and in the wallet!

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