Thought I would share a recent voice message I received. The rather disgruntled male voice was short and pointed he stated why don’t you have the new information posted on your website about the recent release of the new model DAA3+RAM he said in no less words get your “D**M” website updated. Kind of telling me I’m not on the ball. He never asked for a return phone call as he wanted to know the specifications of the new model. I would have happily called him and provided the information. But with that tort of voice mail. I will not give him the courtesy as he did not ask for a call. Now had he bothered to read my blog postings he would have noted all the preliminary information, specifications and pricing was in a post. Furthermore I noted in postings that a new updated web page would be in the near future. Just a reminder for him if he should read this. Well for your information Mr. (I’m going to call you rude man RM) I will remind you that I’m a small company I keep my budget under control by doing nearly 90% of the entire business operations myself this keeps costs in check so I can properly build my company and not be just another short run “Has Been” like many of the start ups in this industry. I think I’m doing a pretty good job here as I have been at this over 7 years. Now as a product innovator, developer, lab rat, marketing company, PR company, parts runner, hand builder of said amplifiers, show exhibitor, accounting/budgeting , packer/shipper and all other of the hundreds of hats I wear and top that off with 70 hour weeks. I end this slight rant with I will still be here tomorrow and the next year and next decade. Why because this company is not my first rodeo in my 45 years of building and operating a successful commercial business (Mini-Empire) (Now sold and and retired from it) I know what I’m doing just give me a bit of slack Mr Rude Man. (Rant ended)  The post will come as the web page is in the works just as I had stated in past posts here and on my Whamm Facebook page.


Now a “happy ending” I’m shipping out two Whammer amp orders in the next week and one is the new DAA3+RAM model (this puts me at 7 units shipped over the past few months. Are these customers happy (YES) ecstatic actually. I’m building 3 advance units now so my ship time can be as little as 3 weeks (“GET Whammed?)

And my new “creation” is in development so named DLM (Damn Little Monster)