Damn Great Amp DGA-2

You’ve stood by the shore, but you want more. Somewhere in the hills of possibility, you intuitively know lie even more subtle dynamics, nuanced details and musicality. Like the sages of old you understand that this will entail a quest. The mystic mountain of perfect reproduction is only hinted at through the clouds blanketing the peak. So, with the walking stick of your passion and desire, you start the ascent. Along the path is an ancient orchard. You notice the sweet sounds of song birds. No aural liqueur has ever sounded so enticing. This honey mead is the sound of the DGA-2, a kiss of sweetness and intoxication.

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Whammerdyne “Damn Great Amp” (DGA2)

Here with our DGA2 model we share the DNA from our flagship “Truth” amplifier and offer a two-chassis configuration. The power supply base unit is “docked” with the amplifier module. The base power supply features are impressive, 7 extremely low noise regulated DC supplies now feed every circuit independently. In addition 4 local DC regulators reside in the amplifier module. Special design attention to temperature control internally for stable no drift operation. These power supplies all support an impressive headroom so current limiting is a non issue. Total electrical noise is 100% isolated from the upper amplifier module. Magnetic nulling is achieved with the two-chassis concept so induced noise into output transformers is minimized to extremely low levels. Hum and noise now a low 200 or less millionths of a volt (200 micro volts, 110 or greater dB down) Pure class A operation with zero feedback. The added feature of docking allows you to “upgrade” to our DAA3 model. We take your amp module in trade and send you the upgraded module and it’s a 5-minute swap (Yes, that easy) This amp comes alive with uncanny transparency and an open air sound stage. It’s as if the musicians and performance are right in the room with you.

The best 2A3 amplifiers on the market

Amplifier module

  •  Alps matched tracking type input volume control, direct coupled to gain stage (no capacitors).
  • Two sets RCA input jacks “selectable input 1 and 2”
  • 6DJ8/6922 (upgraded to NOS) input gain/drive tube is DC coupled by our unique Z-Direct coupling circuit. (a true industry breakthrough, no other amplifier on the planet “except ours” features this innovation) Its the perfect coupling topology
  • Output tubes 2A3 (upgraded to NOS, user can select options) The all grid biased 2A3’s run on regulated DC supplies and DC filaments. This is true negative grid bias topology and no limitation is placed on the a/c audio signal path. (another industry first with a DC coupled design) Output transformers utilized are gapped for 60-70 mA standing DC current and of enhanced core materials of wide-band design.
  • Speakers 4 and 8 ohm output taps using 5 way binding posts
    EZ bias system utilizing analog panel meter with indicated “set” point bias takes only a few minutes and only needs adjustment as tubes age. (it also doubles as a built in real in circuit tube condition tester)

Indicated and preliminary measured specifications:

  • 4.1 watts per channel, peak power 7.5 watts per channel
  • Wide-band hum and noise less than 100 microvolts.
  • Bandwidth +/- 1 dB 15 Hz –45 KHz +/- 3 dB 10 Hz-75 KHz
  • 107 watts, line at 117 volts AC 60 Hz.
  • Handcrafted in Oregon, USA

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