Damn Awesome Mono DAM-2 and new options for 2020 with RAM(s)

You’ve stood by the shore, but you want more. Somewhere in the hills of possibility, you intuitively know lie even more subtle dynamics, nuanced details and musicality. Like the sages of old you understand that this will entail a quest. The mystic mountain of perfect reproduction is only hinted at through the clouds blanketing the peak. So, with the walking stick of your passion and desire, you start the ascent. Along the path is an ancient orchard. You notice the sweet sounds of song birds. No aural liqueur has ever sounded so enticing. This honey mead is the sound of the DAM-2, a kiss of sweetness and intoxication.

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Whammerdyne “Damn Awesome Mono” (DAM2) new options 2020 with RAM(s) Remote Advanced Magnetics)

Here with our DAM2 model we share the DNA from our DGA1 & DAA3 designs + some new circuit topology innovation changes. This model takes its design cosmetics from our newly revised DGA-1 single chassis amplifier. But with a new twist we now have designed it into a true mono block pair with an unheard of 9.5 watts per channel (16 peak). Two single mirrored chassis (note: speaker terminals are on the left for the left channel and right for the right channel). Newly designed custom output transformers, one main power transformer in each mono-bloc.  (7) extremely low noise regulated DC supplies in each chassis now feed every circuit independently. Special design features addressing temperature control internally for stable low drift operation. These dual power supplies all support an impressive headroom so current limiting is a non issue. This is a pure DC coupled circuit topology and has no capacitors! (in the signal path) Capacitors create phase and blocking issues as well as degrade slew rates due to DF factors. What does this mean to the listener? Speed and pure signal accuracy that is unparalleled, no other tube amplifier on planet earth has this topology. Its that advanced. The uncanny realism will have you spell bound.

Total electrical internal chassis and magnetic induced noise is reduced even further with special magnetic field nulling. Hum and noise is a low 100 or less millionths of a volt (100 micro volts, 115 or greater dB down, 50 micro volts RAM option) Pure class A operation with zero feedback.  Our newly updated E-Z bias system sporting two continuous reading LED left and Right 2A3 current set meters. This bias adjust serves unique functions not only allowing for easy bias of each output tube but its independent for each tube so a perfect current match can be obtained with the pair this lowers distortion even further (A worlds first) These mono bloc’s come alive with uncanny transparency and an open air sound stage. Life altering real bass slam you can feel, It’s as if the musicians and performance are right in the room with you. We are now offering an option RAM level 1 with Monolith custom transformers.(Several product image photos show RAM option) These incredible amplifiers will surpass all expectations. There is no competition, PERIOD!

(I have been asked by many if you can use a pre-amplifier with our models of amplifiers and the answer is YES, just connect your favorite pre-amp to the inputs and turn our volume control up full, this effectively takes our control out of the circuit. But our amp is an integrated so you can also use it without a pre-amp no problem)

“The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”

Amplifier module

  • Alps matched tracking type input volume controls, direct coupled to gain stage (no capacitors).
  • Two gold RCA input jacks “selectable input 1 and 2”
  • 6DJ8/6922 (upgraded to NOS match section) input gain/drive tube is DC coupled by our unique Z-Direct coupling circuit. (a true industry breakthrough, no other amplifier on the planet “except ours” features this innovation) Its the perfect coupling topology
  • Output tubes 2A3 (fully current/gain matched) The 2A3’s run on regulated DC supplies and DC filaments. NO limitation is placed on the A/C audio signal path. (another industry first with our exclusive DC coupled design) Output transformers utilized are gapped for 120 mA standing DC current and of enhanced core materials of wide-band design. Custom manufactured for us here in the USA.
  • Speakers 4 and 8 ohm output taps using 5 way binding posts
  • EZ bias system utilizing dual LED panel meters with indicated “set” point bias takes only a few seconds and only needs adjustment as tubes age. (it also doubles as a built in real in circuit tube condition tester)
  • one minute turn on timer circuit to stabilize DC currents and heaters, standby at turn on LED Red goes to Green on power up
  • Internals of amplifier are dual mono all power supplies and regulators (same as having two mono amplifiers in each mono chassis!)

Measured specifications:

  • 9.50 watts per channel, peak power 16 watts per channel (both channels driven)
  • Wide-band hum and noise less than 100 micro-volts. (about 115 dB down) varies some with different selections of tubes (120 dB down with RAM)
  • RAM option 1 DAM2  lowers noise floor to 50 uV micro-volts bandwidth goes to +/- 1 dB 8 Hz- 39 KHz =/- 3dB 6 Hz-92 KHz (phase shift in audio band nearly zero)
  • Ram additional options inquire as we have larger specialty wound configurations for more bandwidth and lower phase shift (nano-x available) please inquire
  • Outboard RAM chassis are supplied with 2 foot umbilical’s and gold plated quick aerospace grade chassis connectors
  • 2nd harmonic down – 42 dB at 1 watt, 3rd harmonic – 74 dB, 4th -89 dB (5th and on not measurable, below the limits of our spectrum analyzer )
  • Bandwidth +/- 1 dB 15 Hz –36 KHz +/- 3 dB 7 Hz-68 KHz (Phase shift in audio pass band less than 2 degrees) standard  monolith output transformers (internal inside main chassis), not outboard  RAM as option 1
  • 116 watts, per mono bloc at 120 volts AC 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 14″ wide x 11″ tall x 14″ deep weight 35 Lbs. (Each mono block)
  • Handcrafted in Oregon, USA
  • Available “RAM” output transformer upgrade to level one Monolith Magnetics for increased bandwidth and low end response (Add $ 2300.00) for option 1
  • International voltage option 230 VAC 50 Hz ($ 550.00)
  • 2 selectable inputs direct option with no volume control (deduct $ 200.00)
  • Coming this year an outboard option chassis with twin mono stepped auto-former volume controls, this can be mounted on your gear rack for ease of use (inquire)

Priced at $ 22,000 pair base units  (options additional)** plus shipping
50% deposit and 60 day estimated delivery

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Weight 30 lbs
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