//Really Big Show +

Really Big Show +

It’s going to be a “Really Big Show”. CAS, California Audio Show July 27th-29th. The new Whammer family member (DAA3+ RAM) is all primped, polished and dialed in with her mate (Pure Audio Project) Trio 15 speakers with the Horn 1 option. Listening feedback from several people I have had over to the Audio Den this last week were ecstatic and comments have been this is the most awesome sound I have heard yet at your place. I have posted a few pix of the set up before tear down and packing.

Head Whammer

Whammerdyne DAA3+ RAM (Damn Awesome Amplifier + Remote Advanced Magnetic’s)

Base price $ 6900.00 with level 1 RAM transformers

Taking deposits now for builds and deliveries sometime 2nd week August, I say sometime as I have some vacations planned that could interrupt our (My) build schedule

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