//Recent Axpona show and publication feedback

Recent Axpona show and publication feedback

Excerpt and photo courtesy to Matej Isak’s, Mono Stereo publication

“After the traditional box speaker designs, I was surprised by the PureAudio (pureaudioproject.com), a speaker system configured to the buyer’s taste. The display version had two open baffle woofers and a horn tweeter, but you can have more or fewer woofers and different kinds of tweeters. The speakers were dynamic, detailed and fun to listen to. Power was supplied by Whammerdyne (whammerdyne.com). I’ve heard some difference of opinion on the 2A3 output tube before: some say it’s wonderful, while others are less enthusiastic. Unfortunately, such a discussion was being conducted as I was trying to listen to the speakers and amplifier. Suffice for now to say that I listen to music, not technical arguments, and I was very impressed.”


Head Whammer comments: I apologize for the distractions, we had many people who seemed to just want to argue pro’s and con’s of 2A3 based amplifiers. (The 300B crowd seemed to be in full defense mode) It seemed many were just primed to launch into a debate. I’m going to make big efforts in future shows to respectfully ask these individuals to contact me after the show personally. This way we can all enjoy the music. Thanks for your positive comments with the sound of our room, we are always grateful

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