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HW is excited for 2021. For you Whamm fans that might wish to get the last “lightly used” Whamm DAA3 amplifier with volume control upgrade. Its ready to pack and ship here are the details:

“I have a ready to go model DAA3 (This is the model with the internal Monolith output iron)  see more details on product page, it includes the optional upgrade with the 23 step “autoformer” volume controls. Its ready for purchase now can ship immediately (regular price is $ 6500 and the autoformer option is $ 475.00 a $ 6975 value) I will sell for $ 6000 and include the option at no extra charge) plus shipping of course. This is a USA model so it is set for 120 volt operation, not international. The “lightly used” comes from the fact I had used it at one audio show event this last year and it was used in my audio demo room. It has around 100 hours of time on it so she is just broken in. All new NOS 2A3’s will be installed as well as an Amperex matched section Bugle Boy 6922. Full warranty is included. Its in mint as new condition. I will pack and ship for a flat $ 100 fee anywhere in the Continental USA”


Something Wonderful is about to unfold!

For 2021 a truly unique breakthrough open baffle speaker will be debuted by Ken of Kensonger Audio. In a comissioned effort with Whammerdyne Heavy Industries. Launch date July 2021. This is a massive breakthrough in open baffle full range speaker design. Holding a patent on the full range field coil driver topology developed by Ken Songer of Songer Audio. I’m very excited our Whamm team is involved with developing a very unique field coil power supply for his driver. This speakers power supply will be a unique dc regulated (feedback) as well an adjustable voltage supply to tailor the driver to your listening environment. No this will not be some run of the mill power supply. Some of its features include damping the EMF and other artifacts created by the field coil and its motor. So unique is this driver to pairing power supply that its a worlds first!

More to follow, but let me say. In all my years of audio (55+) this is truly a very special design by Ken and from what I have now been able to hear from Ken’s prototype the audio quality will be amazing. So many firsts here in this design I can’t yet reveal all of them. We plan on sharing an exhibit room (Whammerdyne and Songer Audio) for debut at the PAF audio show (Pacific Audio Fest, Seattle, WA) late July

Lots going on this 2021 .. Our “Stealth” Relentless GM 70 35 watt SE amplifier’s (Mono blocks) will also be unveiled (however the sad news its a HW “Bucket List” project and will not be sold) My arm might be twisted to commission a pair for you but be ready for a $ 50K price tag. The “Relentless” Pursuit of Audio Perfection

Dr. of Innovations

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