“I’ve been an audiophile for 40 years and have been searching for equipment that combines transparency, expressiveness and great timing with tonal fullness; having recently acquired the Cube Nenuphars, I felt I had many elements in place except a pronounced glare (with my Pass SIT-3), so I took a chance on a remote purchase (I live in Cape Town) – and have ZERO regrets.  This is BY FAR the best amp I’ve heard, and on the right speakers must be one of the best bar none.  To give you context, I have a lot of experience of high end amplification, having heard extensively or lived with: top-of-the-line Devialet Atelier (much better than the rest of the line, which are mechanical-sounding at best I feel); Spec RSA-F33EX (Gold Fingerprint in the Polish High Fidelity site, and my second best amp ever); the aforementioned Pass Labs SIT-3; Kondo Overture 2; ‘mid-level’ Constellation, Nagra Classic amps, Dartzeel … all ditched in favor of the Devialets a few years ago. And others.  

The DAA-3 surpasses all, in ALL aspects that I can hear … and adds that element of ‘humanity’ that only great SETs bring.  First, the noise floor is ultra low – little details are unmasked.  Second, this thing is as quick as I’ve heard (these are two aspects that many valve amps are not great at, eg my Kondo). Third, the sound-stage is huge and seems ‘carved from solid’ – and something that I haven’t heard before, quieter instruments somehow keep their identity when there’s a lot happening. Fourth – that gorgeous tone; not artificial warmth but true tonal transparency. Last key aspect is that lovely expressiveness (equal to the Pass Labs, which is wonderful on this).  Overall, instruments just sound more like themselves than with other amps – and it’s music playing, not just impressive sounds. All at a very reasonable price (given not only the Sound Quality but also the amazing build quality). My only wish is for even greater headroom (it goes plenty loud with my Cubes) – I will await the new ’stealth’ project with anticipation and will definitely become a long-term Whammerdyne customer!”

Thank you Damien (Cape Town, South Africa)

The amplifier is our DAA3+RAM model

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