“Stealth” this is my code name for a rock’n all stops pulled out 22 watt class A zero feedback fully DC coupled and all regulated power supplies “King Monster” SE amplifier.

Pictured is one of the output custom made transformers for me by Monolith Magnetic’s. (Look at the size of it!)
massive inductance at low frequencies and bandwidth to the moon it will take your woofers and make them cry for mercy. Total control… period

This project will be my crowing achievement in SE design, using all the technology of the famous line of Whamm DC coupled amplifies. Building a fully regulated 1000 volt B+ power supply that has 3x current reserves and can handle a sustained 130 milli-amp (mA) load (each mono block) is not for the faint of heart. That’s why you never see any of the higher power amplifiers doing regulated supplies. While they offer a huge sonic advantage its a real costly engineering operation. Now just think this amp is DC coupled so I can drive grid current and run very cleanly into class A2 operation. No headroom limits with this design. peak impulse power will be without strain over 28 watts!!!.

I’m in the prototype stages of build now and hope to have it completed by early fall. I will only offer it up as a product as a build only by commission at an estimated $ 30,000 a pair. Again not for the faint of heart.

This for the “Finest SE amplifier on Planet Earth”

Head Whammer

“Objects will appear larger in your rear view mirror”… more photos of the prototype build coming soon