Now this is an interesting pairing!

Note the HUGE Tekton speakers and the “Little amp that could” and did tame these beasts. The comments here are posted verbatim from one of our Whammer family members and his DAA3 (Damn Awesome Amplifier) the Whamm held its own when compared to a pair of KT120 Rogue Audio monoblocs rated at 250 watts per channel vs. Whammy’s 4 watts per channel, now that’s a comparison

Now how’s that for a Whammer Hammer, besting the sound quality of the Rogues by a wide margin

Goes to show you what I have been saying all along 2A3’s tubes rule (yes I will put up my little Whammers to any of those big bad push-pull “conventional” amplifiers) you can only guess what the DAA3 sounds like when paired with the Pure Audio Project Quintet 15 speakers with the Horn one. That’s (8) 15-inch woofers and it kicks ass

Head Whammer

“Been Whammed?”


Hi Pat,

“I took my whammerdyne 2A3 DAA3 amp to a friend’s house….as he bought a pair of  Tekton Ulpberht   $12.000 towers loudspeaker  a few weeks ago which

He claims they are 4 ohm and 99db efficient they use 15 x scan speak tweeters…..  2 x 12 inch woofers and   4 x 6 inch mid woofers.

The Whammer  worked very good….and at normal levels…they had a very transparent open sound that put a shamed the 250 watts   $18.000 Reference mono-blocks

From Rogue-audio which  I represent since many years ago…of course…the mono-blocks are more dynamic and powerful but not as refined as Whammer amp.

The Whammerdyne 2a3 amp in all respect………sounded   more analog refined and displayed   a more natural portrait …with lots of harmonics… huge image…lots of tight bass

and lots of micro and macro detail.

The experience with the Whammer 2a3 coupled to those huge loudspeaker was like a heavy weight boxer fight and the winner in almost all parameters !!!!  THE WAMMERDYNE 2A3 AMP

It was a 5 hour demo…..and the amp stood very happily . The listeners (me included) were helped by Heineken assistance due that my friend has a Heineken fridge right on one corner of the listening room

It really helped tame some acoustics problems in the room…but only if fridge is really loaded with liquid….if empty the resonance comes back…quite fast.

Sources LP and CD with very good phono-stage and  DACs

Only on two occasions I heard the 2a3 amp clipping but sound was loud!!!!! And the clipping was very polite!!!”


Here are some pictures that I took.





“Pat feel free to publish the pictures and all info on your site.

The main difference PAP vs.  Tektons…. In one single word…. BOX against open baffle …..

Then refinement.

The Tektons can reach very high levels and more bass but….the bass as  with the PAP’s…no Boxy sound…

He uses 7 tweeters for higher mid-range on top

Then 7 tweeters for higher mid-range at the bottom and only one tweeter for High freq….

I do prefer the custom PAP and how it shows you a more layered soundstage and micro detail in spades.

No comparison…

But when the Whammer 2A3 amp was driving the big Tektons…they sounded a lot more refined than with the push-pull kt-120 mono-amps”