//Some recent discoveries by a Whammer owner

Some recent discoveries by a Whammer owner

I recently had posted up to our FB page we have a new member of the Whammer family (Porter) he just ordered a DAA3 model) here are a few excerpts from a Whammer customer (Kevin P) about his experience with his Whammer DAA3


“”Kevin P And it just keeps impressing more and more with each listen. So much fun to have such an amazing piece of gear make you want to go through your music collection again. Porter is about to be on a fun journey!


Whammerdyne Heavy Industries Hi Kevin, enjoying the Whammer are ya! , how far in re-discovery of your music collection are you? It’s fun and so rewarding. I bet you are hearing things in the music you had no idea were in the recording! Thanks for the post Head Whammer


Kevin P “I bet you are hearing things in the music you had no idea were in the recording” – absolutely true! I have been listening to a pretty awesome setup for headphones for the past several years… and yet I swear there is more happening with the two channel setup powered by the DAA3. This experience has happened every time I have made a significant step up the ladder with a great new piece of equipment. Having Whammerdyne Heavy Industriesr power firing through PureAudioProject Quintets is a pretty overwhelming improvement!””


Take note of Kevin’s comments about Headphone listening and his open baffle PAP Quintet speakers and the DAA3 Whamm amplifier experience, Now that’s a statement!

Thanks Kevin, say someday I will have the remote transformer options finished, its another jump in resolution (puts you even closer to the “Holy Grail of music”)

Cheers’ Head Whammer



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