Pictured the beta versions of the “Whammer Remote Transformers” I have my DAA3 now configured with switches on the back side so I can flip between the internal “Baby” Monolith output iron and the external Monolith “Big Iron” The Whammer Wyre umbilical’s and Whammer “Real” interconnects. I’m not sure what to name the remote output iron?, possibly “Whammer Heavy Metal” ? ideas on naming most welcome. The sound you ask? AMAZING. I had one of my “Golden Ear” audio long time friends over yesterday and his opinion is most valued with me, His words “AMAZING” best ever he was literally shocked at the beauty of the music that flowed forth

Its all about the “Whammer Way”

Head Whammer

(Threw in a classic photo of my father in laws Jag its a very rare 3.8 liter (6)  automatic transmission, fully restored!)