We are proud to now be taking orders for the new for 2019 Whammerdyne DGA-2 + RAM Damn Great Amplifier + Remote Advanced Magnetics. See more about this new Whammer under our product listings. She sports “Twins” well twin remote transformers that are custom designed and manufactured for us by Monolith Magnetics the finest transformers built by anyone. We added the option of either a black face-plate with the engraved logo or the silver face-plate with the engraved logo, see DGA1 for a viewing of the silver face-plate

I will also soon be adding a new page to the website with our new flagship the DLM-4 + RAM this unit will bring all the other SE amps on the planet to their knees and they will beg for mercy.

But she is not inexpensive at $ 10,500.00 (Update 2-25-2019) The new page is up see the DLM4+RAM page

Head Whammer

“The Finest 2A3 Amplifiers on Planet Earth”