Thought I would just ramble a bit. We have the two recent sales of Whamm amps bringing our total Whamm family to 28 users. This last yer we did see very nice growth and this year is doing well even with the Covid-19 lock down. The lab/shop expansion is just about complete and will now allow for my focus on builds without having to interrupt other activities when assembling Whamm amps, a dedicated space for builds and QC will be most welcome. I’m adding full climate control to the shop much needed, with lots of electronics running the lab can get hot. This will be a year of thinning the heard. I’m going to only manufacture just the popular models, but with a slight twist. I will add more options to each model. Our export models will be available in 230 volt 50 Hz for the rest of the world. (our international sales have been growing) I have one secret project under development that will utilize our proprietary DC coupled capacitor-less signal path code named “Stealth” we will achieve over 22 watts per channel class A and pure triode a peak of 28 watts. but it will only be offered as a”commission only” product one pair per year will be built (mono blocks) at $ 35,000

We also are undertaking a new speaker design that will be specifically designed to go with any of our Whamm amp models. Preliminary ideas we are developing is open baffle and a 360 radiating horn of proprietary design. Efficiency about 96 dB 8 Ohm nominal. We will only offer this to our existing Whamm family and as a package deal with any new purchases. As most of you know all loudspeakers are built to work with all kinds of amplification. This leads to never having the best in a pairing with so many types of amplifiers and speakers one never can be sure they will have optimal synergy. Our thought is to optimize by having a speaker that is made to match only our amplifiers (match made in heaven).


Its all the “Whammer Way”