//Two!….. Whamm is a Winner

Two!….. Whamm is a Winner

Two Whammerdyne DGA-1 amplifiers sold this week. Our  little “baby” is gaining popularity fast. Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio magazines publisher a few weeks back reviewed our DGA-1 and found it to be one of the most wonderful SET amps he had ever heard in all his years in audio. Well you can guess what that did here at Whammer World. My email and phone blew up just not enough hours in a day to field all the questions. But the result was an increase in sales. Thanks Jeff!. Whammer is growing again, but have no fear I will not go “corporate” on you. My solemn vow is to limit my builds to no more than 3 amplifiers a month period. At this level of builds I can guarantee each amplifier is built by me and is perfect in every way. I’m most likely the only company that quality checks and verifies the components meet all specifications before going into my products. After a build is done every unit gets many dozens of hours of burn in and after that each gets a full one day of listening. I even include with each unit built a full certification of measured performance. It’s the Whammer way!


Sadly (well good for me) I have to increase my price on the DGA-1 beginning July 1, 2019 for the now $ 2950 to $ 3495.00 costs have increased in all phases of the build from parts to machining and I must make enough when completed to keep the lights on here at the Lab. ( I always said to all of you I would be honest and transparent) No don’t take that as we are financially strapped nothing further from the Truth. We are very solvent, so Whammer World is solid for decades.

The finest sounding amplifiers on planet earth, you bet.. I will put our amps up against any solid state or tube, we slay giants


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